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Below you will find the new structure for course offerings we will lead with at BFPP for the 2016-17 school year. This change in structure is based on the large amount of feedback we have received and we are confident these offerings reflect what you, the community, asked of us. These varied offerings are organized intentionally to meet the diverse and unique needs of our vibrant community. We are excited by the opportunity to continue to create a learning environment that is responsive to the needs of this dynamic and growing community.

Core Classes

The purpose of core classes is to provide more in-depth teacher directed learning experiences with consistency and regularity. Home learning extensions will be provided by the teacher and classes will be weighted with additional learning plan hours to reflect these extended learning assignments. The core classes are intended to meet standard learning requirements in both content and in hours suggested per week for each content area.

Progress will be monitored in partnership between the family partner and the teaching partner of each class. Enrollment in these classes is dependent upon full engagement and participation in classes and at home.

Core classes may also:

  • have suggested prerequisite skills before signing up for class
  • have year-long learning outcomes
  • have content areas which may be integrated (writing/art or science/math)
  • have writing and reading embedded within the assignments – this may include written responses to prompts, reporting on learning and reading for information
  • take place two times per week
  • have grade level designations which will be regulated to benefit all learners
  • have limited enrollment for smaller class sizes


Elective classes are classes we offer for a variety of reasons. Sometimes a class is offered because of an individual teacher’s particular passion, current event topics, opportunities and community resources, or because they are a lot of fun. Classes are also decided upon and offered in response to the requests or needs of different cohorts of students and families.

Elective classes are:

  • meant to serve short term learning goals;
  • may not always be weighted, which means that home learning extensions may be offered sometimes, but they will not always be expected;
  • less likely to be integrated with other content areas and therefore focusing instead on a singular area of curiosity or passion;
  • sometimes offered as separate 9 week quarters;


Learning Labs are drop in lab sessions intended to support learning already in place on student learning plans. Students and families will come to attend labs with a project they are currently working on. The purpose of the lab is to help with materials, inspiration, and support as needed.


Consultations are scheduled meetings available to all members of our school community. They are one-one conversations between families, students and a teacher about particular content area needs. They may also be used for organized small group instruction around particular areas of interest or learning focus. Consultations can include curriculum conversations, assessments of student learning and/or lesson planning for “next steps.”

Guest Teachers

Guest teachers are already certified teachers in another school in Bellingham Public Schools. They come to our school in between the classes they are teaching elsewhere. Therefore we have to be very flexible when trying to schedule them at BFPP.  We are so lucky to have such a diverse group of guest teachers who are excited to teach our learners. With this model we were able to previously offer dance/movement, Spanish and orchestra. We are looking into additional offerings but they are instructor dependent.  Also, there is a minimum enrollment of 8 to have the course run.