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Online Learning Resources Fall 2020

Online Resources


Learning Pathways in Literacy & Numeracy

Each of these Pathways describes the developmental unfolding of skills in literacy and numeracy, from birth through third grade. They also show how each indicator is linked to Common Core, Teaching Strategies GOLD® and the Washington Early Learning and Development Guidelines.  Both of the Pathways’ documents are open educational resources that can be shared broadly with community PreK providers who may not have access to Teaching Strategies GOLD®.

Learning Pathways in Literacy:

Learning Pathways in Numeracy:


Guest Teachers

Guest teachers are certified teachers in another school in Bellingham Public Schools. They come to our school between the classes they are teaching elsewhere. Therefore we have to be very flexible when trying to schedule them at BFPP.  We are so lucky to have such a diverse group of guest teachers who are excited to teach our learners. With this model we are able to offer dance/movement, Spanish and orchestra. We are looking into additional offerings but they are instructor dependent.  Also, there is a minimum enrollment of 8 to have the course run.